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In pregnant patients, does the use cabbage leaves decrease the Research Paper

In pregnant patients, does the use cabbage leaves decrease the incidence of breast engorgment as well as the application of brea - Research Paper Example However, this paper intends to analyze the effectiveness of swift nursing interventions along adequate patient teaching in relieving engorgement compared to the use of binders. After the comparison, the paper will highlight the best alternative for relieving engorgement. Research Question The research question in this case was to analyze whether the swift action from nurses in offering support pregnant patients before and immediately after delivery can help them in handling engorgement. On the other hand, the paper will analyze the efficiency of breast binders in minimizing the pain brought about by the condition. Mothers face a lot of anxiety after birth, and often need reassurance from informed nurses that they can handle the breastfeeding experience. The action from nurses also involves highlighting the crucial breastfeeding tips to mothers. Therefore, the intervention from nurses must come along adequate patient teaching. This research seeks to examine whether both medical and no n-medical support from nurses is more efficient in reducing breast engorgement in comparison to the advocated use of breast binders. The Search Process The EBSCO database proved to be a reliable source because it provides a wide range of resources. However, it was essential to customize the advanced search settings in order to get access to the most relevant range of articles. Therefore, limits for results included full text research articles, peer reviewed and from journals. Moreover, other limits included customizing the geographical setting to United States of America and limiting the search to articles dated 2007 to 2012. The search words were ‘breast engorgement’. Numerous articles addressing this issue appeared. Among these articles, five proved relevant to the issue and served as reliable sources for this search. The use of CINAHL database proved very resourceful because of the vast collection of nursing articles from renowned journals. How Engorgement Results In the first few days after birth when the baby begins to breastfeed, the milk may not flow easily. In this initial phase of the breastfeeding process, colostrum flows out to supply the baby with both nutritional and immunological components. However, its flow presents irregularities. At first, the mother may not succeed to feed the baby despite her efforts. However, with time the milk may flow to the breast in large amounts. The sudden inflow may cause the breast to swell and become tender. For many mothers, the breastfeeding experience ranging from the anxieties to the pain of engorgement may prove unbearable. Strong (2011) highlights that the pain of engorgement may extend for the initial six days under normal cases, but pain occurring beyond the first week of breastfeeding has other causes. A pregnant patient will require this knowledge prior to delivery. Critical understanding of the causes and remedies of engorgement is an important aspect to each pregnant patient. The pregnant patient requires relevant information concerning the implications of both natural birth and caesarian option concerning engorgement. Nurse Interventions and Adequate Patient Teaching According to Martucci (2012), the entire procedure of initiating breastfeeding can be a lot easier if nurses present the mothers with relevant informat

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Harley Davidson Supply Chain Improvements Essay Example for Free

Harley Davidson Supply Chain Improvements Essay In the early 1980’s Wisconsin-based Harley-Davidson Motor Company, the country’s largest manufacturer of motorcycles, was struggling to survive. Faced with an onslaught of sever competition from Japan and failing new products, †¦ Harley-Davidson was challenged to remain profitable. However, not only did Harley-Davidson survive, it became a huge success story, with sales increasing from 36,735 motorcycles in 1986 to 291,417 in 2003 to over 350,000 motorcycles in 2006. It has also expanded globally into Europe, China and India. A significant factor in its turnaround was the strategic changes it made in managing its supply chain during the next decade. †¦ In the mid-1990’s Harley-Davidson initiated sophisticated supply chain strategies to reduce inventory and purchasing costs while improving product quality and delivery times from suppliers. Harley-Davidson now expects suppliers to focus strategically on cost, delivery, and quality improvement and to hit established cost and quality targets. Suppliers are expected to meet â€Å"twice the level of quality† and to develop a written strategic plan to achieve goals for quality improvement. Suppliers are graded according to defective â€Å"parts-per-million† and it has a target goal of 48 defective parts-per-million that suppliers are expected to achieve. Harley-Davison sends suppliers a monthly report showing their quality and delivery performance, and if the supplier receives a bad report Harley-Davidson sends their people to the supplier to determine the problems and help them resolve them. If the supplier does not improve its performance, it is replaced. In 1995 defective parts-per-million for suppliers were generally around 10,000; however, by 2001 approximately 75% of Harley-Davidson’s supplier base was performing at 48 defective parts-per-million or better, and 36 suppliers were performing at zero defective parts-per-million. †¦ These objectives consciously reduced Harley-Davidson’s supplier base that could not meet expectations for cost, quality, and delivery by 80%, from 4,000 suppliers to 800. In some cases Harley-Davidson has moved toward single-source relationships with suppliers. In these instances, the company partners with one supplier for a part, system, or component – for example, lighting systems, instrumentation gauges, or ignition systems – and works closely with the supplier to develop technology that the company needs to remain competitive. Approximately 80 on-site (resident) suppliers take part in new product design, creating an interface between the company and its suppliers that helps Harley-Davidson improve quality and cut costs. In return, Harley-Davidson remains loyal to the supplier and reduces supplier uncertainty, provided of course that the supplier continues to meet the company’s objectives for improvement. In order for Harley-Davidson suppliers to remain competitive they must enforce similar exacting goals and standards on their own suppliers, thus creating efficiency and cost effectiveness along the entire length of the supply chain from Harley-Davidson’s suppliers to its suppliers’ suppliers, and so on. Harley –Davidson is using the Internet to further improve its supply chain performance. The company launched an interactive Internet-based supply chain management strategy that placed a large portion of the company’s supply chain management only to the Internet. It provided all suppliers with information they need to conduct online financial transactions and reduce the time spent chasing invoices. Suppliers are linked by a web portal to critical business transaction information, including data on delivery and quality performance and the status of financial transactions. In-house software reports defect rates that provides quick feedback to suppliers about bad components. Suppliers can look at production schedules and delivery requirements and assess their ability to meet those schedules. Documents and information previously sent using an EDI format are now sent more cheaply through the Internet, which is also more universally available to supply companies, particularly smaller ones. What has been the effect of these changes in supply chain management at Harley-Davidson? They reduced operating expenses by $161 million; the company now manages its inventory according to a JIT system, and it runs on 6. 5 to 10 days’ worth of inventory compared to 8 to 15 days of inventory before its supply chain initiatives; its logistics and distribution center costs as a percentage of sales decreased by 59%. By any measure Harley-Davidson’s supply chain management strategy has been a success.

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TH :: essays research papers

Needs completing The Tommy Hilfiger Corporation, through its subsidiaries, designs, sources and markets men's and women's, and children’s clothing under the Tommy Hilfiger trademarks. The Tommy Hilfiger Corporations major product is clothing which is broken into two major product categories men’s and women’s clothing. Tommy Hilfiger has an aggressive market development strategy with diversifying and pursuing markets that are already carried by the company. The company has taken their success in the U.S and found comparable markets overseas with a great deal of success. The company is strongest in the US because of sheer volumes. They are the fastest growing in Europe. They are also the No 1 designer brand in Central America, South America and Canada. The company holds steady in the top ten in Japan with lots of competition. The business is also strong in South-East Asian markets like Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, and Singapore. Tommy Hilfiger is currently setting up all over China and considers India its new horizon. The company’s market development is strong and growing with each quarterly report. They offer new products to existing target markets worldwide and are also exploring the involvement in products without the Tommy Hilfiger namesake. Through a range of strategic licensing agreements, the Company offers a broad array of related apparel, accessories, footwear, fragrance and home furnishings. The Company's products can be found in leading department and specialty stores throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Mexico, Central and South America, Japan, Hong Kong and other countries in the Far East, as well as the Company's own network of specialty and outlet stores in the United States, Canada and Europe.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Tommy Hilfiger has a competitive advantage compared to its competitors. There product mix is what gives them the advantage on competitors like Sean John, Phat Pharm, Ecko and Enyce. With other competitors like Nautica and Polo, they compete on similar grounds, but lead them with the shear diversity of their product mix. Both Polo and Ralph Lauren are legendary brands, but Tommy Hilfiger has done and outstanding job with micromarketing and appealing to the core of fashion buyers. Tommy Hilfiger leaves his urban competition behind with his strong International markets and the ability to open new markets where fashion has not been a top sale. Within the volatile industry of fashion, Tommy Hilfiger is seen as a much more stable brand. Their product appeals to a larger segment of the U.

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Should a Piece of Literature Be Judged on Its Literary Merits Alone, Regardless of Its Historical Context?

Steven Brust once wrote: â€Å"In my opinion, the proper way to judge a novel is this: Does it give one an accurate reflection of the moods and characteristics of a particular group of people in a particular place at a particular time? If so, it has value. Otherwise, it has none. † (Brust, Steven. 2005. Sethra Lavode). Brust, quite clearly has joined this debate regarding literary theories. He claims that if aspects of literary piece, aside from its own merits, are not significant then it has no worth.It is continually and widely argued by critics of literature whether a book should be based on its literary merits alone, or if only certain aspects, such as history, regarding its writing should be relevant. The relationship between history and literary work is often questioned. There are four main models that have been devised to explain this. The first regards a piece literary work as universal and belonging to no time period. The model states that historical context has no si gnificance in literary texts, and that both should remain autonomous from each other.Critics are concerned with literary texts being artefacts in themselves that surpass the possibilities of a particular time, thus the idea of specific historical context is dismissed. R. S. Crane supports this view and in an essay said history is part of â€Å"the general history of culture† whereas literature should be â€Å"imaginative works considered with respect to those qualities which can truly be said to be timeless†¦ quite apart from any knowledge of their origin or historical affiliation† (Crane, Ronald. 1967. History versus Criticism in the study of literature’, in The idea of the Humanities and Other Essays Critical and Historical, Vol. 2. Chicago: University of Chicago Press). In short, this model centres around the basis that a literary work should be judged on its, as Crane said, ‘timeless qualities’ for example the quality of its linguistic feat ures and other aspects that give a work literary merits. The second model regarding history and literature is based on the idea that the historical context of a literary piece helps lead to proper understanding of it.A text is produced within a certain historical context but this should remain separate from the literary context. This model is often favoured by critics that analyse literary texts by considering their historical background and context. This can be regarded to any aspect whether it is: political, cultural or linguistic. A 1934 study by Basil Willey: The Seventeenth Century Background: Studies in the Thought of the Age in Relation to Poetry and Religion shows even by its title a support for this model.It is implied that Willey and similar critics agree that historical context forms a foundation of understanding when studying a literary text. They would argue that literary work in order to be analysed must be understood and to be understood needs to be looked at in respe cts to its historical context. The third model when looking at the relationship between pieces of literature and history is essentially the opposite of the second. It centres on the idea that a literary piece can help us understand the time in which it is set.This is explanation talks about realist texts in particular and how they can provide creative depictions of historical events or periods. It assumes that literary texts are almost subordinate to their historical context and they are reflections of their time. For example Keith Thomas appeals to Shakespeare to justify this point of view: â€Å"In Shakespeare’s plays, the curses pronounced by the characters invariably work†¦ not just for dramatic effect† but that â€Å"it as a moral necessity that the poor and the injured should be believed to have this power of retaliation when all else failed† (Thomas, Keith. 971. Religion and the Decline of Magic: Studies in Popular Beliefs in Sixteenth and Century En gland. London: Wensfield and Nicolson). This model is known as the reflective approach, it regards literary work as an aid to develop our knowledge of history using the historical context of a literary piece. The last model regarding literature and history is probably the most complex, though it is also seen as the most interesting to theorists. It claims that literary texts are connected with other discourses and this makes literature itself a part of history that is continually being written.Critics that agree with this theory, widely known as ‘new historicists’, argue that the question of the relationship between history and literature is wrong; despite their differences the last three models assume that ‘history’ and ‘literature’ are fundamentally separate. They distinguish between the interpretations of literary texts and the transparency of history. Stephen Greenblatt writes in an essay: â€Å"methodological and self-conscious is one of the distinguishing marks of the new historicism in cultural studies as opposed to historicism based upon faith in the transparency of signs and nterpretive procedures† (Greenblatt, Stephen. 1990. ‘Towards a poetic of Culture’, in Learning to Curse: Essays in Early Modern Culture. London: Routledge). Hence, new historicists argue that the making of the literary texts is a cultural practice, and only differ in their specific mode. No absolute distinction can be made between literary and other cultural practices. Theorists such as Hayden White, claim that this model implies that just like literary texts the ‘facts’ of history need to be read (tracing the past is similar to telling a story).In an extract from White’s book, Tropics of Discourse: Essays in Cultural Criticism, He writes: Histories ought never to be read as unambiguous signs†¦ but rather as symbolic structures, extended metaphors, that ‘liken’ the events reported in t hem to some form with which we have already become familiar in our literary culture†¦ By the very constitution of a set of events in such a way as to make a comprehensible story out of them, the historian changes those events with the symbolic significance of a comprehensible plot structure. (White, Hayden. 1991. Tropics of Discourse: Essays in Cultural Criticism.Baltimore: The John Hopkins University Press) Considering this we would come to the conclusion that methods of (critical) analysis should be suitable for both history and literary texts. In short, a new historicist perspective think that in the reading of a literary text the idea of historical context cannot be settled, and that this context is decided by a negotiation between the text and the reader Ultimately, the majority of literary theorists fall on the side that accepts the use and aid historical context when critically analysing a literary text.Only the first model seems to completely disregard historical contex t in literary work for the belief that a piece of literature should be ‘timeless’. The second and third model accept historical context as part of the method of analysing a literary piece. However, still confidently differentiate between literature and history, they are seen as merely aids for each other.The last model is set apart from the rest as it does not polarise the categories and treats them as to intertwine subjects that cannot be considered without each other. In my opinion historical context should be relevant to the reading of literary text, it is inevitable that the two should overlap especially during an in depth analysis of a literary text.

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Theories Concerning Human Development Free Essay Example, 1500 words

Jim today suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) which is mainly caused due to the extreme level of anxiety or exposure to serious psychological trauma. As diagnosed, this could be the possible consequence of his mental and physical reaction to the World Trade Centre massacre in 2001. Contextually, his age might have been an influencing factor as through the normative stage models it is apparently discussed that young adults tend to decipher more active response towards any kind of trauma being steered with their quench for unique identification in their workplace. Young adults are also observed to possess the high degree of moral values which might have influenced Jim s response to the disaster when he was 25 years old in 2001 (Papalia 493-494). His PTSD syndrome may affect his capability to deal with stress in his future career which shall further limit his job opportunities. He might also develop anxiety and frustration in his married life which will again disrupt his physical as well as mental health making him stressed and emotionally weaker. These forces shall thus increase emotional vulnerability within Jim making him less confident in his relationship. We will write a custom essay sample on Theories Concerning Human Development or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/pageorder now He might also seek the less stressful job and be reluctant in accepting diversity easily as compared to other people. Hence, he might have to face severe constraints when performing in working areas such as schools where stress level and diversity are perceived to be quite high. However, regular interaction with young children might be helpful for him to reduce his psychological vulnerability (Papalia 494). From the group discussion, I was able to learn that caused disequilibrium related with the linkage between environmental hazards, genetic orders or heredity and time in prenatal development. Although class members were arguing regarding the influences of these factors, least significance was provided towards control measures regarding these factors which could have significantly assisted in gaining the better understanding of human development.

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Essay on Critical Thinking and Decision Making - 582 Words

The process of critical thinking requires you to ask more questions of both others and of yourself before a decision or determination is made. In order to successfully evaluate data in a critical manner, you must have a system in place to assess information as it is presented. In any situation whether you are having a conversation, observing others, or material you have read, you must be ready to probe deeper and ask the right question at the right time. Browne, Keely, McCall and Kaplan, refers to critical thinking as a Systematic evaluation of arguments based on explicit rational criteria (1998, p.IX). The authors go on to state that critical thinking refers to the following: awareness of a set of interrelated critical questions,†¦show more content†¦The use of these tools will enable management in obtaining a level of comfort with making the tough choices. The relationship between critical thinking and decision making is inseparable. The purpose of utilizing critical thinking skills is to get to the very core of an issue, topic or problem, and making a decision on the information. Therefore, there is little purpose to one without the other. Why would anyone become a critical thinker if they were not going to follow it up with a decision on the data as it is presented? Similarly, any decisions made without the benefit of any relevant information will end up being a decision made in haste. It is best to utilize every tool at your disposal to make an informed decision. I agree with the authors on the definition and use of critical thinking and decision making skills. The benefits of being a critical thinker are enormous, they include being able to make effective decisions and learning to ask the important show-stopping questions. By using these skills you will be able to probe deeper and get to the heart of the issue. As stated in an earlier paper, the use of critical thinking when making crucial business decisions quite simply makes good business sense. Critical thinking skills are crucial in todays fast paced business world. Once these skills becomeShow MoreRelatedCritical Thinking For Decision Making755 Words   |  4 Pagesis to discuss my critical thinking for decision-making and problem-solving as a professional in healthcare, reflect on the three most important elements of personal and professional etiquette, identify my communication strengths and weaknesses, identify strategies to stay on-task and on-time, and discuss my professional goal s. Critical Thinking for Decision-Making and Problem Solving As a professional in the healthcare environment, I use my critical thinking for decision-making and problem solvingRead MoreCritical Thinking And Decision Making1198 Words   |  5 PagesCritical thinking is the process of actively conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating information gathered from the observation, experience, reflection, reasoning, or communication. Critical thinking is a guide to belief and action (Scriven Paul 1987). In its exemplary form, it is based on universal intellectual values that transcend subject matter divisions: clarity, accuracy, precision, consistency, relevance, sound evidence, good reasons, depth, breadth, and fairnessRead MoreCritical Thinking And Decision Making1240 Words   |  5 PagesCritical Thinking and Decision Making By Pat Scruggs | Submitted On October 31, 2010 Recommend Article Article Comments Print Article Share this article on Facebook Share this article on Twitter 1 Share this article on Google+ Share this article on Linkedin Share this article on StumbleUpon Share this article on Delicious Share this article on Digg Share this article on Reddit Share this article on Pinterest What is critical thinking? There s a phrase that conjures up all manner of opinionsRead MoreDecision Making : Critical Thinking1982 Words   |  8 Pagespossible. But like Gary Collins said â€Å"We can try to avoid making choices by doing nothing, but even that is a decision. Therefore, decision making is in us relentlessly whether we want it or not. No single definition of critical thinking is widely accepted. Critical thinking is the process in which one challenges their emotive, self-centered way of thinking. It causes one to test their own assumptions and question their reasoning. Critical thinking is the process in which one mentally explores deeperRead MoreCritical Thinking in Decision Making Essay848 Words   |  4 PagesCritical Thinking in Decision Making Debra Rodriguez MGT 350 August 6, 2012 Karen Allen Critical thinking is a mode of thinking where one improves his or her quality by applying intellectual skills to elements of decisions to make solid decisions to develop intellectual traits. It is important to enhance ones critical thinking skills to improve decision-making capabilties in life and create new opportunities. Critical thinking is the ability of evaluating and assessing thoughts with the aimRead More Critical Thinking and Decision Making Essay588 Words   |  3 PagesCritical Thinking and Decision Making In the corporate environment critical decisions must be made, sometimes quickly, whether because of changes in market conditions, corporate profits, or corporate performances. The decision-making process is vital to good management in today’s work environment. This paper will examine the relationship between critical thinking and the decision making process, explain what the textbook authors believe, and relate how both apply to today’s workplace. CriticalRead MoreCritical Thinking and Decision Making Essay1083 Words   |  5 Pagesinfers the ability to think. Critical thinking is asking the right questions about the information we are presented with on any given situation. Or as Brown and Keeley put it, it is asking critical questions. (Pg. 2) To put it more specifically, asking critical questions provide(s) a structure for critical thinking that supports a continual, ongoing search for better opinions, decisions, or judgments. (Brown and Keeley, 2000, Critical Thinking, Asking the Right QuestionsRead MoreEssay on Critical Thinking and Decision-Making1892 Words   |  8 PagesCritical Thinking and Decision-Making The purpose of this paper is to explain critical thinking and decision-making by different examples, models, and show how it is used in everyday life. Everyone uses critical thinking and decision-making all the time, most of the time without recognition and involuntary and it starts from the time you wake up in the morning till you go to bed. There are three components for every decision made and they are: 1.Criteria- the standards by which decision makersRead MoreThe Relationship Between Critical Thinking and Decision Making665 Words   |  3 PagesCritical thinking and decision-making are related in more ways than people think. This paper will define critical thinking and decision-making according to the book Whatever It Takes. It will also present a personal definition of critical thinking and decision-making from the author of this paper. The relationship between the two will be explained as well as the benefits of being a critical thinker. The author of this paper will also sh ow how critical thinking is present in his organization and howRead MoreCritical Thinking and Decision Making Essay example733 Words   |  3 PagesCritical Thinking 1 CRITICAL THINKING AND DECISION MAKING Critical Thinking and Decision-Making Paper Critical Thinking 2 Abstract Critical thinking and decision-making are related in more ways than people think. This paper will define critical thinking and decision-making according to the book Whatever It Takes. It will also present a personal definition of critical thinking and decision-making from the author of this paper. The relationship between the two will be explained as

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Athenian Democracy Influenced Western Political Thought

Abstract In this paper, I intend to show that ancient Athenian democracy influenced western political thought, specifically, western democracies. By influencing such modern day democracies, ancient Greek culture remains a presence in contemporary life. Introduction Approximately 2500 years ago a series of changes and reformations in political thought led to the creation of the ancient Athenian democracy. Through the changes implemented by Solon and Cleisthenes during the Golden Age of Greece, democracy was born in Athens. Although it was somewhat impractical, exclusionist, and only open to a very small percentage of the total Athenian population, its impact is still felt today. Athenian democracy is widely recognized as the model from which all other forms of democratic rule has evolved from. Through the principles handed down from that Athenian democracy, ancient Greek culture remains a prominent presence in contemporary life, particularly in regard to its democratic policies. The concept of Democracy dates back to the Classic Period, otherwise known as the Golden Age of Greece. Prior to becoming a unified nation, Greece was made up of city-states that were constantly warring with one another. None of these city-states possessed full contro l over its neighbors. It was during this time and because of these circumstances that there was great advancement in Greek thought encompassing philosophy and politics. These advancements are responsible for the strong GreekShow MoreRelatedGreece s Impact On The World1360 Words   |  6 Pagesof our knowledge are greatly influenced on the minds who have lived at that time. Some may ask which civilization had the most impact on United States and the world? Many would say that the Romans had the most impact on United States and the world and some may contradict and say Greece had the most influence. However, Greece influenced the world and United States the most in tremendous ways. Greece gave the United States the influence to start it’s first direct democracy, philosophers set up the foundationRead MoreGreece s Impact On The World1335 Words   |  6 Pagesour knowledge is greatly influenced on the minds who have lived at that time. Some may ask which civilization had the mo st impact on United States and the world? Many would say that the Romans had the most impact on United States and the world and some may contradict and say Greece had the most influence. However, Greece influenced the world and the United States the most in tremendous ways. Greece gave the United States the influence to start it’s first direct democracy, philosophers set up theRead MoreHow Did Ancient Greece Influence Western Civilization951 Words   |  4 Pages The Western world was highly influenced by the ancient Greeks. The Greeks changed the way the world looks at art, math, architecture, philosophy, sports, and drama. Without the ancient Greeks, the modern world would not be the same. Men such as Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle changed the way we look at philosophy. The Athenians created the first known democracy, setting the stage for future governments. The Euclidian Theorem and the Pythagorean Theorem among others made mathematics easier and moreRead MoreDbq: Ancient Greek Contributions1467 Words   |  6 Pages The Ancient Greek contribution ranged by the 1900-133 BC, however its influence on the Western Literate Society lasts to this day. As the Greeks expanded their empire, they spread their ideas to other countries, while also borrowing from other cultures. During this period of time, the Greeks made many significant and long-lasting contribution to our modern culture in Philosophy, Art, Democracy, Drama, Math, and Scien ce. These givings of important ideas, inventions, and structures have hadRead MoreComparing The And The Odyssey998 Words   |  4 Pagesstability and conformity. Athens acted as free people and had a true democracy and was eager to learn new ideas. On the other hand the Spartans created little art and militaristically driven. Both were strong city-states but had different views and ideas on how daily life should be carried out. 4. The Greeks idea of a democracy was that all male citizens (1/5 of the population) could have a say. The Athenian political system was a democracy because any class could propose a new law or be involved in theRead MoreAncient Greek Philosophy -Paper776 Words   |  4 PagesLovers of Wisdom Ancient Greek philosophy arouse in the 6th century BCE, some claim that Greek Philosophy was influenced by the older wisdom literature and mythological cosmogonies of the Ancient Greek Near East. Greeks had confidence in the power of the mind Greeks used observation and reason to determine why things happened, they opened up a new way of looking at human existence. During the time of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle it was a crime to investigate the things above the heavensRead MoreHow Strongly Ancient Societies Affected The Formation Of Today s Society1434 Words   |  6 Pagesoriginating from civilisations of Ancient Antiquity such as Greece and Rome. The civilized culture is dated back to ancient Greeks and Romans. Their contribution to philosophy, literature and politics has undeniably helped to form notions of modern Western cultures. This is because, assorted essential features in the life of Ancient Greeks and Romans which will be broadly analyzed, such as culture, society, trade, politics and slavery signified their civilizations’ importance. Furthermore, in theseRead MoreAncient Greek Essay1393 Words   |  6 PagesChapter 3: Ancient Greek Civilization 1. During the Mycenaean civilization, who was the great poet and what were his two important literary works that influenced the Greeks and formed part of Western literature? Homer, The Iliad, The Odyssey 2. In a period known as the Dark Ages from 100 B.C. to 800 B.C., life reverted to simpler forms and people lived in relative isolation. 3. The period from the 9th to the 6th century B.C. is known as the Archaic Age during which the Greek kings were deposedRead MorePlato, An Ancient Greek Philosopher1458 Words   |  6 Pageshis writings as the central character. Plato’s novel, The Republic, influenced the idea of government and shows his views on the world. Throughout his personal life, writings, and dialogues, Plato shows his value of knowledge and how each of his writings impacted the morals of people in the society. Plato was born in 427 BCE in Athens which is one of the most powerful cities of Ancient Greece. He was born into a wealthy Athenian family. Plato s father died when he was a young child and he wasRead MoreContributions of Ancient Greece and Rome to the Western World: Who contributed more to the modern world - the Greeks or the Romans?2085 Words   |  9 Pagesgreatly influenced Western Civilization, Greeks contributed more to the western world than the Romans. The Greeks used their own ideas and thought of new ways to add to their culture, while the Romans mostly mixed and matched ideas from other civilizations and cultures to make their own. The Romans took up the inheritance of the Greeks adapted it to their own language and national traditions. (Grant 2)The Greeks introduced many new ideas and traditions, the most important being democracy - Athenian